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Upcoming events I’ll be performing in.


In September 2018, I discovered Modacity as new way for preparing and organizing my practice routine for the Assistant Principal Double Bass audition for the Oakland Symphony.

Modacity’s main benefits for me:

  • How long I’ve spent time on each audition excerpt
  • Rate each excerpt – estimating my comfort level
  • It can keep a recording of the excerpt to analyze daily improvements
  • Create time limits to a piece or group of pieces / excerpts

Click the link below to get started.

Kol Nidre @ 6:15 pm, 9/27/2020

I’m excited to perform my new arrangement of Max Bruch’s Kol Nidre for solo double bass this Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 6:15 pm (PDT) for Temple Beth Abraham’s Kol Nidre’s service.

Update 9/27/2020

I’m unfortunately sick and due to COVID protocols I can’t perform live at the schul. You’ll hear a recording I made this afternoon.

Here’s the link for Sunday, when I go “live” on Youtube –

6 Essential Apps for a Musician

Almost any smartphone today has an app that can replace any physical electronic devices needed for a student or professional musician. We don’t have to keep changing our 9V batteries or find an outlet to plug in our Dr. Beat or Petersons’ Strobe Tuner.

The Musician Apps I Use & Recommend

  • iStroboSoft: Pro Tuning
  • Evernote Scannable: Scan Music
  • forScore: Sheet Music Reader
  • Modacity: Pro Music Practice
  • Pro Metronome : Tempo, Beat, Subdivision, & Polyrhythm
  • insTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner / Drone

iStroboSoft: Pro Chromatic Tuning

click the logo for more details

One of the best and precise tuning apps is the iStroboSoft by Peterson. I highly recommend this to anyone playing at a professional level. It’s $9.99 to own the app.

Click here for more information.

Scannable: Document Scanner

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